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Cheap Car Hire. Our Mission

Our mission is to offer a fast and comfortable online reservation of vehicles to the tourists, people who are on a business trip and to the companies, whether on one day, weekend, month or operative perennial rental of the vehicles for companies.

When we have launched application, our mission was to offer the best solutions for renting vehicles to our final users and franchise partners through a strong business strategy and through a range of renowned products and exceptional service, as well as through adapting to individual requirements and counseling.

Being the first low cost rent a car agency in Europe, our goal is to get new customers offering them the best service and the lowest price of car rental as well.

Cheap car hire application for car rental creates an additional value by providing high-quality online service, according to the latest IT expert recommendations that we have recognized as a new business opportunity, and we have set guidelines for the new market trends. We want to keep our specificity in quality, uniqueness at fast service, and quantity at a low price, to be the synonym for successful and socially responsible company.

In the offline world, we are trying to acquire our potential service users providing them high-quality multilingual user support, and to offer any kind of help to our current service users.
Our mission is to guarantee a positive experience to the users of our services and to meet all their needs by providing them high-quality and professional service. We insist on the importance of the professional attitude of the staff towards the users and the implementation of the new concept of vehicle rental, as well as the continuous education of the employees, and all that in order to achieve the most successful vehicle renting and leasing.

Cheap Car Hire. Our Vision

Our vision is a total increase in market share and a strategic connection with selected franchise partners in a joint presence at market, as well as the extensive development of the company as a system for a complete service-logistics support to users, organized according to the modern economic principles using the best global practice.

Cheap car hire keeps the status of a leading regional rent a car application by constant investing in resources, mostly human resources, and by constant tracking of global technology IT trends, and by regular monitoring of user experience, both online and offline, aiming at a complete user satisfaction.

In the period of intense changes, our goal is to justify the trust of the users of our services, and to keep the epithet of a modern, innovative and efficient company that offers the highest quality service and the lowest price in the field of car rental as well.

Cheap car hire offers our employees a stimulating work environment, we motivate and inspire them to achieve desired results and their business goals.
As a socially-responsible company, we help, participate and engage in the community’s well-being, through significant projects at the regional and international level.

Our mission until 2021 is to start vehicle rental through the terminal at which users themselves can finish the booking, payment, key transfer, take contract and receipt, without the presence of employees, and so the rental process will be faster and the rental price reduced, as there won’t be the need for employees. The plan is to put the first terminals in use in 2020.

Cheap Car Hire. Openness

We know that knowledge is the power and we like to share our knowledge and experience. We will always help our partner companies and our service users in solving any problem. We will also listen to anyone who wants to express their opinion. We are always open for cooperation.

Cheap Car Hire. Flexibility

We always accept positive change for a better future. We always accept lifelong learning. We don’t see the temporary failure as a defeat, as we know that we are on the right road to success.

Cheap Car Hire. Creativity

We support curiosity, improvement and desire to explore ideas, as people learn while they are alive. We don’t like passivity and that’s why we are initiating positive changes and desire for progress. We never stop working on better solutions.

Cheap Car Hire. Key values

Our business strategy is based on our key values, which are also the foundation of our success:
Quality – we invest our maximum to keep our products and services in the range of the highest quality;
Responsibility – both through business and through an active contribution to the development and well-being of a society, as we are an inseparable part of it;
Result – a success that is measurable in the field of sales, our attitude towards employees, partners and users of our services;
Innovation in approach to our users and in setting new trends in online sales;
Our employees – the driving force that contributes to the growth and development of the company on a daily basis;
A team spirit that is essential for achieving a common goal for which we are mutually responsible;
The trust we make with our clients and partners and which is the foundation of our sustainable development.

Cheap Car Hire. Quality and standards:

We create an image of a modern, responsible and well-organized company, which is confirmed and guaranteed by:

  • Privacy Policy
  • Encrypted https protocol
  • Adaptable mobile application
  • Complete fulfillment of the GDPR EU directive
  • Corporate responsibility
  • Responsibility towards service users
  • Responsibility towards business and franchise partners
  • Responsibility towards employees
  • Humanitarian responsibility
  • Protection of the environment

We guarantee that you are at the right place for the cheapest car rental when you reach the spot with Cheap car hire recognizable logo.

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